Posthumus Conference 2024 (Leeuwarden, 23-24 May)


Download venues map  (pdf)
Traveling to Leeuwarden

Main venue

  • Campus Fryslân, Wirdumerdijk 43, Leeuwarden

Conference dinner (23 May)

  • De Koperen Tuin, Prinsentuin 1, Leeuwarden.

The dinner will be a seated dinner; you can indicate your menu choices as well as dietary needs and requests when you sign up for the conference.

Please note: in case of doubt, select the option NOT to join the dinner. In this way, you will prevent no-show, unnecessary costs and, most importantly, food spillage. In case you later change your mind and decide to join the dinner, an e-mail with your menu preferences to us ( will suffice: we will be happy to add a plate for you :).

Guided tour and drinks (24 May)

  • Blokhuispoort, Blokhuispoortplein 40, Leeuwarden.

We will conclude the 2024 Posthumus Conference (in)formally with drinks at De Bak (transl. ‘The Brig’) in the Blokhuispoort, a historical prison building, located very close to the main venue.

For those who reserved for the guided tour of the complex, please make sure to be there at 15:45 and join the drinks after the tour.

You can register for this when you sign up for the conference.