Posthumus Conference 2023 (University of Antwerp, 24-25 May)

Research Network Sessions 25 May

25 May, 11:30-13:00 | Session N4 | Rodestraat 14, room 112
Research Network ‘Economy and Society of the Pre-Industrial Low Countries in Comparative perspective’
Urban provisioning in the pre-industrial period
abstract (pdf)
Bas Spliet
A colonial consumer revolution? Slavery-based household goods in 18th century Amsterdam
Robin Rose Southard & Wouter Ryckbosch
Grub governance: regulating the urban food market in eighteenth-century Brussels
Milja van Tielhof
Drinking water crises and the poor in Amsterdam, c. 1650-1800
Merit Hondelink
No shit?! What historical research can learn from bio-archaeological analysis of cesspits with regards to early modern food consumption
25 May, 11:30-13:00 | Session N5 | Rodestraat 14, room 124
Research Network ‘Globalisation, Inequality and Sustainability in Long-Term Perspective’
Energy and the Low Countries: energy transitions in historical perspective
abstract (pdf)
Henk-Jan Dekker & Antoine Missemer
Experiencing the resource curse: Dutch economists and the discovery of natural gas reserves, 1959-1977
Robrecht Declercq
Energy transitions: sustainability and environmental history in Belgium (1800-2000)
Ben Gales
The renaissance of coal
25 May, 11:30-13:00 | Session N6 | Rodestraat 14, room 213
Research Network ‘Life-Courses, Family, and Labour’’
GIS in action
abstract (pdf)
Iason Jongepier
GIStorical Antwerp: using a HISGIS ‘Laboratory’ to study the (un)changing nature of early modern urban environments (ca. 1580-1830)
Maanik Nath & Vigyan D. Ratnoo
Water and regional development in India: A GIS analysis
Isabelle Devos, Yoann Doignon, Hilde Greefs, Sven Vrielinck & Torsten Wiedemann
Challenges and opportunities of GIS for studying inequalities in disease and mortality