Posthumus Conference 2023 (University of Antwerp, 24-25 May)


The organisers are happy to announce no less than two keynotes at the Posthumus Conference 2023:

Dr Susan Flavin, Associate Professor of History at Trinity College Dublin – An interdisciplinary approach to food history: new findings from Early Modern Ireland

Dr Peter Scholliers, Emeritus Professor with the Department of History at Vrije Universiteit Brussel – Food and inequality: measuring the essential

Dr Susan Flavin

In 2019, Dr Flavin received an ERC Starting Grant as Principle Investigator for the project FOODCULT (Food, Culture and Identity in Ireland c. 1550-1650). She completed her PhD at the University of Bristol, where she was also engaged on the ESRC project Ireland-Bristol Trade in the Sixteenth Century (2006-2009). Following a curatorial role at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter, she held posts at Trinity College Dublin (2012-2015) and Anglia Ruskin University (2016-2018). Dr Flavin’s research concentrates on the history of trade, consumption and material culture in Early Modern Britain and Ireland. She is the author of Consumption and Culture in Sixteenth-Century Ireland: Saffron, Stockings and Silk. Her work is grounded in interdisciplinary approaches to history and she teaches on topics such as the social and cultural history of food and drink, and gender and domesticity in Early Modern Britain and Ireland.


Dr Peter Scholliers

Dr Peter Scholliers has been full-time lecturer (2000-2006) and full-time professor (2006-2018) with the Department of History at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). In 2003, he was the founder of FOST – Social & Cultural Food Studies at the VUB. His research focuses on the history of the standard of living, with interest in housing, wages, purchasing power, and material culture and, especially, food. He has published 200+ publications in various languages, co-director of Food & History, editor of Appetite, and board member of Food, Culture & Society, and Food and Foodways; reviewer for several academic journals and funding boards and organizer of various international conferences.